My LIBRARY project

Reading has always been one of my favorite hobbies. And i discovered that burning desire to read in the later stages of my school life. Today I see my juniors at my school read and that gives me immense pleasure!They can read and analyze the story and the characters. I see them mimicking the characters of “The Wimpy Kid” and engaging themselves in intense discussions about “Captain Underpants” and “King Babbar.” My mission begins with supporting educational programs which give children and adults the tools to acquire knowledge through reading.
A constant supply of books and other materials is needed to ensure the interest in reading. It is impossible to promote reading and learning if books are not available in the first place. Therefore the idea of this project came in my mid to ensure that anyone who wants to read will have the tools to do so.
This is my first ever serendipity project: collecting books for a children’s library in a remote school of Solukhumbu( gateway to the MT.EVerest)   ” Shree Mahendra Jyoti High School “. When I was a student there 12 years back, the school was ramshackled along with its poor education . However,  the school now offers a very good English education but I still see the paucity of children’s library. The school is a second home to 450  students along with 22 teachers.The education system is only focused toward academics. Students may be only marginally engaged or actively disliking writing assignments as defined in the classroom, but outside of school they may be writing hundreds of thousands of words and sharing with authentic audiences who propel them to improve. I remember that i did almost no reading for enjoyment when assigned reading deprived the joy of it.
The student can now have some material and opportunity for the pleasure reading .They can have the world of their own- isolated from the stressful math calculations and intense science formulas. Some of these students who engage in domestic work can find time to read during their leisure time. And I’m sure they would love to spend their leisure time reading like you and i do.And what about the very obvious benefit of reading for pleasure: learning new words,reinforcement of grammatical structures  and many more benefits that will rule their whole lives.
 I have managed to collect over 400 books and it has been a great accomplishment for me. All credits to my friends, relatives, and well wishers who generously donated books for my project. Thank you guys!


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