Rain’s symphony

I hear the sound of the drizzling rain, playing to the nature’s orchestra against my window pane. The splattering of rain droplets on the roof of my house creates its own rhythmic sound. The heavy downpour might have a chilling effect, but it has its charm: the roar of thunder and the flash of lightning, that shakes me into wakefulness.


I see the tiny droplets gushing down the windowpane, symbolizing the human hunger to succeed. I see many tiny droplets joining together, wishing in my heart Β that this symphony would last forever. Step by step these drops grow bigger, these beats they create sync into my heart even deeper. The continuous gushing of water makes the streets look like the rivulets. And the city is magically converted Β to Venice. Over the horizon, down the street I see a man, trying to plod his way. His clothes are tucked in and he holds his umbrella in one hand and his bag on the other. A sudden gush of wind tilts his umbrella and he gets drenched. I can see his pitiable face when a vehicle passes speedily by splashing muddy water on him.
The fluctuation of the rainfall brings wide range of emotions in people’s life.
The rain brings joy for those people who comfortably dwell in their cosy rooms and occasionally look out the window to catch a glimpse of nature: some unusual sights. The sudden blow of the wind and the patterns of the rain creates a symphony for them enabling them to feel poetic fervor in their hearts. The rain however bring tears too. Leaky roofs, rain-soaked floors and choked up drains fill the needy homeless into wide despair.


After a while the sun shines from its slumber, sprinkling its scorching heat, pervading the new and rejuvenated light. Away she goes, my moment of ecstasy, tears of emotion,the Β time I got to witness the rains symphony.


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