Why do I PAINT ???


My passionate love for art dates back in time: my early days in my village when I used to doodle on the muddy floor or sketch on the clean walls of my house. Painting was something completely out of my reach. Yes,I did lots of doodles and sketches but it was just out of sheer enjoyment. I never really took that seriously!!!! With me winning the junior art competition consecutively for 3 years made me realize that I was born to do this. A wrong decision can be the beginning or end to a lifestyle. I nearly abandoned my love for art, had I not won that competition. Today, I’m glad and immensely delighted with the options I’ve taken in my life so far.

received_995130017215035Painting has become the educator that has taught me the significance of leadership and strong work ethic. Leading groups in an inter school art competition, working for hours to complete one simple painting, organizing art exhibition : these are the moments I cherish now. The simple process of converting a blank sheet of canvas into something incredible is what really fascinates me. I take it as a simple way of pouring your soul and emotions into it. And also the other way of communicating with the world because to paint is to show a bit of your soul. Where words fail, colors convey. It is a way of connecting with your inner self. The colors to use, the shades to restrain, and the strokes to play with. This is what defines the art and the personality of an artist.

2015-08-08 11.26.42 (1)

I like the multitude of emotions I go through when creating a painting. The utmost ecstasy of seeing my vision translate with my hands, followed by the despair of a wrong brush stroke and the anxiety of using a new color. I like the confidence of a repeated brush-stroke and lastly the strong perseverance to splash colors and repeated strokes to strike magic on a canvas. While writing we face a writer’s block, similarly while painting too, there’s this reluctance on what to paint. Sometimes we know what to paint and we begin with it. But as time and colors go by, the outcome is totally different as planned. Sometimes we don’t know what the painting is going to be but start painting anyway… and the outcome is something you had have imagined you could create. And every single time I sit down to mix that array, that palette of color, it’s never the same as I did yesterday.

received_995129753881728When I think about painting, one of the things that swims into my mind is an inter school Art competition. There’s this different feeling about performing under pressure and competing. And also the feeling of being on the top of the world when you win competition and believe me, I have experienced this. Whenever i paint, i seek perfection. Unfortunately, it’s not perfect and that leads me into my next painting.

2015-08-08 11.25.55

I would love to hear what my dear artists think about art and what inspires you to paint ????

                                     Please feel free to write …..


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