GREEN commitments


There were several incidents when people have laughed at me. Sometimes when I kept the bottle in which I drank water or soda instead of throwing it or when I took a shopping bag along with me while shopping; it was something they were easily judgmental about. Many of my friends say that the effort of an individual doesn’t make any difference. However, I have not given up on my way to make a difference to our environment, and some of my friends have begun to realize what I’ve done and follow my way, hoping to be the seed of this change.

No one can deny the fact that the environment is degrading day by day. Rivers in the major countries like India, Nepal are out of clean water, and every empty space is filled with garbage and waste products. Even when people are aware of this, everyone seems to be reluctant to solve or manage the problem. We must realize that our survival depends on the maintenance of our environment. Hence, it is our duty to recompose anything that nature provides us for all our usage by at least by making an individual effort.

Little things we do can have a significant impact on nature. These little things starts from our house like turning off the lights, unplugging unused electrical appliances. Making use of dustbins is one of these things we can contribute to positively. The 3R technique: recycle, reuse and reduce is fantastic mantra for us to remember. Reusing of bottles, paper and plastics avoids ever- increasing levels of waste. Using kitchen and other organic waste such as manure is another good to way to recycle. This also helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as organic vegetables are good for your body.

You can carry a bag with yourself while going for shopping and avoid the use of plastic bags. Use of energy efficient electric appliances helps in conserving energy as well as reducing electricity bills. CFL bulbs are highly encouraged and even provided at reasonable prices in today’s world. Water should be used economically as sources of water have been drying out, which has in turn caused severe crises in many places. Hence, water used in kitchen can then be reused for gardening. In addition, taps should be shut off while brushing teeth or cleaning kitchen utensils. These are little things that should be taken care. Also, we should make a habit of visiting nearby places on foot rather than using a vehicle. This in particular has several benefits. Firstly, it reduces energy consumption and saves money. Secondly, it avoids the emission of harmful gases. Lastly, walking is also good exercise for our body.

These small contributions eventually become more significant when we begin to work together and implement them in our daily lifestyle. These simple suggestions are not just for the environment but are also advantageous to us. Let us make some of these “GREEN” COMMITMENTS and show our respect towards nature.


recycling plastic bottles
recycling plastic bottles


Reusable shopping bags
Reusable shopping bags

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