TENNIS : It’s all about LOVE


Anyone who’s ever met me will know: I love tennis. Thanks to my endless rambling about tennis and of course my defensive nature about Sharapova and Federer. Thanks to my Instagram posts about me playing tennis or my Snapchat stories on court. It gets a little more complicated when I think about why I love it though, and what it really comes down to is not explainable in one simple sentence.


There is something about being out on the court. I  can completely imagine myself running around, sweating it out and hitting tennis balls and that just makes me feel better. My endorphin production increases, lowering my anxiety. I sleep better, I relax, and I stop thinking about all my daily stressors that includes- my studies, exams, assignments, or college applications. I don’t even realize I feel better until I get off the court. Smack a few forehands and backhands, and you’ll start to feel better. I know I do. Tennis is a chance to rejuvenate my energy — and my brain — on something other than life’s stresses. Here’s the perfect way to look at it: Each drop of sweat you have to wipe from your brow is like wiping away the day’s stresses, one worry at a time.

I love the fact that tennis is an individual sport even though I love doubles.If I lose, it’s because of me, I’m the responsible candidate because I wasn’t good enough on that day, because I made poor choices, and because I wasn’t focused. I lose and I am defeated alone, and I know I have to work harder. It’s a beautiful form of Art  where you have ample opportunities to self-reflect and evaluate on yourself, on your forehand and backhand shot. I love the ability to create strategy against diverse playing style. And if I win ! I win every part of it and I’m there to take all the glory home.


I love competing. Tennis is not only about competing with your opponent. It’s more about competing with yourself, challenging your perseverance, fighting with your endurance .For me, being able to play tennis comes hand in hand with being competitive. I want to play my best tennis, and that fire of competitiveness I feel is what makes this sport so fun.  Competing in battle brings out the best in an individual and that’s the best way to define your potentiality. I believe that pressure is a privilege and this is what helps me overcome any challenge I face.


Tennis invites the multitude of an emotions on me. When I’m on the court , I run  through the entire spectrum of human emotion: the ecstatic moment when my forehand shots goes right, the animosity when I lose my point, utmost frustration when my 2 serve still gets stuck in the net, the nerve wrecking anxiety when the opponent is a point away from a win and the sheer euphoria during the match point. It’s  the most rewarding sport. Infect the most maddening activities we can ever partake too. Dramatic?Maybe. Heartbreaking? Always. Tough? Undoubtedly! Character building? Definitely. The wonderful sportsmanship I’ve learned from my past experience have redefined my personality.

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To put it simply, tennis is the love of my life. I have realized and learned what it feels like to be truly passionate about something, and I consider myself as blessed to have discovered, from such a young age, something that I enjoy being involved in so much. A perfect cross court forehand. A bomb of a serve. Almighty overhead. The feel of the ball off the string. Whether it is a perfect serve, a cross-court shot right on the corner or a simple drop shot.There is nothing like the feeling of the ball coming cleanly off your strings. The feeling is just indescribable . It fills you up with joy and confidence which makes you want to never stop playing.


8 thoughts on “TENNIS : It’s all about LOVE”

  1. One day ur really gonna be playing with Maria sharavopa…all tha best bro…keep playing n after few years we’re gonna see u on sport channel as a best ‘TENNIS’ player…:)

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