Mesmerizing TAJ !!!

Entry to the ground wasn’t easy at all. As we marched ahead with an excitement to witness one of the finest Mughals architecture, we were stopped. We were questioned on our stunning Mongolian features. Within a few minutes of an unparalleled quarrelsome ambience, we eventually made our way through the red sandstone walls. Believe it or not ?? The great gate that opens the way to the Taj Mahal is impeccably impressive in itself. The gate is made out of red sandstone with intricate marble work, imposing archways and domed on top corners. The gate frames the amazing silhouette framing the Mughals magnificence. Not a bad entry-way! For sure. We passed the great gate archway which opened up into the gardens surrounding that mausoleum we did come here to see. The amazing view of the great Taj Mahal from the main entrance is that snapshot you’ve seen a thousand times, which does more to limit the beauty of photograph than the actual beauty you’ll proudly behold when you’re there.

Let’s have a look at retrospect.Shah Jahan, son of the great emperor Akbar built this artistic masterpiece in the memory of his deceased wife Mumtaz Mahal. As the love story goes on , this man was so grief stricken by the death of his wife that he wanted to build the most impressive mausoleum ever created. Mahal’s resting place would be so extraordinary, that it’ll surely not be outdone by the mausoleums of his other wives which were built in the same complex. I must say, this guy is such a sweetheart.

The lush green gardens were teeming with tourist even at 6 in the morning. The slow stroll from the gate to the mighty Taj bypassed Persian-inspired garden lined with cylindrical tress and fountains, seemed pleasantly designed to give the viewer more time to observe the gorgeous building from a slowly changing perspective. As I neared the exquisite edifice, my appreciation took an quantum leap. With my closer vantage, I was mesmerized to learn that the entire budding was made out of white marble and the way it’s intricately put to use is Just stunning!! Standing below that enormous dome with its proudly standing four minaret is simply a dwarfing experience.

The aesthetic exterior details of Taj is just impressive but not anymore when it comes to Interior. The interior is a little disappointing. If this was a palace, I can literally imagine the interior of Taj to be equally grandiose . But all in vain, as the interior is essentially a one big empty room. However as a resting place for a beloved wife and the power of their true love, there’s something to be said for the tranquil simplicity of the central chamber with the impressively hollow domed ceiling. But to the crowds of visitors, who were so agreeably spaced-out in the grades were now bottle-necked , making the last bit of taj-experience slightly less awe-striking. But I must say that the first glimpse was all it took to comprehend why this place is so incredible.

I highly recommend everyone to plan their own odyssey to the worlds most famous temple of true love.I had blast, I’m sure you will as well.

Salut. Adieu



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