REFLECTION on Agra Fort.

On my to agra fort, i felt like i was inside the warm auditorium watching a 8D film. The cold chilly wind in the dawn shook me up into the wakefulness with a realm of an excitement. As we commenced the drive my eyes constantly interacted with never ending roads. The conversations went on and on as road didn’t come to a stop point. The constant honking and beeping of cars traveling back delhi reflected the divine pleasure they had on their stay at agra. The lush green and brightly colored paddy fields catalyzed my energy. I could imagine myself wondering aimlessly on those paddy fields or maybe just reading  or even counting stars in the night time. My thoughts wondered with the anticipation and with an eager enthusiasm to visit the fort. I allowed myself to lose in the world of an imagination, cultivating a dream of me in place of Akbar in his robust and dynamic character.  

unnamed                              On my way to Agra:Pondering,Thinking,Observing,Exploring..

At Agra, I noticed myself doodling on the ambiguity of the title word “FORT”, followed by my profound obsession on Mughals aesthetic austerity. I believe the word “FORT” disfavors the Agra Fort. The word “FORT” evokes a sense of military ambiance. This was my initial mindset as we entered the world of unbelievable designs. Guess what, I was right because my guide highlighted on the same issue, that this place was supposed to be called a palace (Well, what can is say..i’m a critical thinker #kidding).

Believe me or not, the entire place encapsulates a grand persian feature. Thus, i’d mind calling it as Persian Palace. A palace full of bright and sultry clouds with a proudly standing pillars. I must say, this powerful fortress of red sandstones in itself is a book full of dark and deep mysteries, fables and of course a reflection of Akbars personality:Robust, Dynamic and Imaginative. As i entered this extravagant world of Mughals magnificence, i was mesmerized to behold the perfection of the beauty bestowed upon a fort. The entrance gate the amazing silhouette framing the beautiful interiors , amazing marble work. The Mughals obsession and the highest level of craftsmanship is just I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E. I don’t know how and where on earth did they had the money and the time for anything other than construction as i believe the investment manpower to create such a place have been astronomical.
Huge SHOUT-OUT to my  high-school:
Huge SHOUTOUT to the amazing photographer, Yawan Rai.
@yawanrai on Instagram or
I’m superrrrr excited!!!! I can’t wait to enter …. Come on guys!
12341444_932000583520773_4941872724881464287_n.jpgMr.Sam. One of the reason why i enjoyed this trip. Loved his company (Sikkimese Akbar) Thanks for joining us.
12308288_931999086854256_7557096637326716290_n.jpgYep, That’s me.. i look so serious .. haha
Thanks Mr.Yawn. Just LOVED this picture. what a great silhouette!!!!
     Sonam Phuntsho                                                Tshering Tenzing
:Posing and clicking.. what a combination!
These two definitely added spark to my tour. Thanks guys!
        Relaxing under shade!!!!!!!


Thanks guys for bearing with me. Catch you all in my next blog..

Salut. adieu !!




3 thoughts on “REFLECTION on Agra Fort.”

  1. Beautiful photography mate i remember going there as a kid it was really a mesmerizing trip it really is a marvel of Persian /mughal architecture hope u enjoyed ur trip there(which I’m pretty sure you did)

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    1. Oh man !! I surely did. Glad you enjoyed too. I was stoked throughout my whole trip. Where did all these Mughals get the money and the manpower to built everything ??? Just imagine … My god !!! It would take ages and ages and ages to built everything ,,,,

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