HIKING to Ranikot

2016-04-18 19.27.08
We are ready to walk!!!

14th April is the day I will always remember, I will always cherish. Reason being very simple! On the very day bunch of us backpacked to hike from Suryabinayak to Ranikot. This place is situated at the outskirts of Kathmandu valley, in the neighboring city known as Bhaktapur. The program was organized to explore the biodiversity and also to reduce the monotony from the regular class environment. In addition, the program also included an interaction session with local people to understand the ways of conserving and mobilizing local resources at the local level.

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Suryabinayak temple of Bhaktapur was our starting point. Despite the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu  traffic, the bus managed to drop us at 8:07 am at the temple. It took 1 hour and 37 minutes for us to reach the mid-point, Ghyampde dada. On the way to dada, we observed the gigantic hills beneath the clear blue sky. The morning chilly air, the sonorous chirping of birds and murmuring of animals certainly relieved us. Standing proudly at the alleviation of around 1500m, this place inhabits light population of local newars. This dada is surrounded by panoramic view of natural beauty blessed with various rare species such as Himalayan Rhododendron, Himalayan Yew, Nigala, Rhamus Triquetor. I must say this place is perfect to quench the thirst of bewitching sight of the world famous mountain ranges like Kanchenjuga and Mt. Everest.We stopped for a while to rake rest. Regardless of our endless exhaustion, we were busy taking selfies and photographs of the magnificent scenery and also utilized our time in interacting with local people.

2016-02-03 12.18.44
I’m always the last one 

It was 10:03 am when we started hiking from Ghyampe dada to our final destination. Instead of taking a normal route, we decided to explore the forest so we took short cut. Pretty ironic as it sounds, it took longer for us! We followed the direction of the ways inside the jungle but at several occasions, we were compelled to stop by the junction that was further separated into 4 different directions. Those were the times when we had to exhibit out intellectual power and we did too. We managed to decipher the inconceivable puzzle and proudly headed towards our destination. We slipped, we fell, we got rashes, and we were exhausted, yet we had the unquenchable thirst to reach the summit.

2016-04-18 19.27.14

2016-04-18 19.27.17
Morning silhouettes are always my favorite.

Believe me or not, The way to Ranikot is dusty(you wouldn’t want to dirty your favorite designer branded clothes) but it absolutely offers the great panoramic view of Himalayas and the bird eyes view of whole Kathmandu Valley. I must say, in a very short distance as you start to hike up, one can get a chance to see and differentiate the lifestyle of the urban city and rural village. The pleasant and calm environment of Ranikot heartily welcomes peace and nature lovers. Eventually, at around 11:40 we were victorious-we reached Ranikot. Ranikot is like a Hindu bride, covering her face with the blanket of luscious greenery. Situated at the pristine location of Bhaktapur, Ranikot shelters wide range of people, from the business oriented people to the laid-back farmers. The panorama view resort was our nest since we enjoyed our scrumptious potluck party at the resort followed by a short dance program. The delicious food rejuvenated our energy to strike some of our signature moves. Everyone shared huge roar of laughter on witty jokes and thoroughly enjoyed the serenity of the valley too. As the saying goes, “Everything great thing must come to an end”, we unwillingly decided to hike back at around 1:30 pm. The downhill hike was much easier and was accompanied by never ending jokes, stories and reflections. Everyone shared. Everyone laughed. Everyone enjoyed. The college bus was on our rescue when we reached the temple, what a relief!

The hiking definitely examined our endurance and perseverance. We nailed it! Despite the weariness, rejuvenated. I feel very happy for organizing it and pulling of such an major event. Thanks to my classmates as well. Yayy!!! We SLAYED it.

Enjoy some GREEN shots!

2016-02-03 12.35.09


2016-02-03 12.34.52


2016-02-03 12.33.35


2016-02-03 12.25.01


2016-02-03 12.29.09

2016-02-03 11.54.58

Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to share your amazing hiking stories down on the comment section.

Catch you up soon!

Salut, Adieu 



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