I have a dream- a dream to be an ambitious globetrotter. Meeting new faces, living in a rustic building or in a fancy hotel near the Eiffel Tower, my mouth having a tête-à-tête with different delicacies; I just love it. I love the feeling of being unknown, a stranger to the world. I love the feeling of facing various challenges in accommodating myself in different unexpected circumstances. The fission of fear and freedom. It makes me feel lost. I feel ethereal in the tranquillity of serene beauty. From the rocky coast to the almighty mountains, from the dilapidated slums to the hustle of the metropolitan city. I love the adrenaline rush when I let myself absorb the best out of everything. It’s so much than just traveling or meeting new people, I love the fact that I get to build so much connection, get to learn the true wisdom and above all, get to know myself better, try to decipher where I lie in the broader framework of humanity.
I want to unwind, relax and know myself.

I come from a family where everyone is traveling all the time. I grew up hearing their wonderful stories. Heard them talk about the time when my dad got drenched at Venice, or when he lost his way on the streets of Salzburg. I see my Dad’s picture hung on the wall, imitating the Statue of Liberty and my mom smiling on the streets of Taipei. My brother is next to them in a Chinese looking frame, standing proudly on the Great Wall of China. Just to see them travel around the world and learn so much about the real world, makes me desperate to travel around.

I want to scuba dive in the dizzying array of marine wonderland at the Great Barrier Reef and surf to my heart’s content at the pristine sea of Hawaii. I want to be a part of the Spanish tsunami of red glop playing a handful of tomatoes during the Tomatina festival. I want to hike deep into the Grand Canyon and enjoy the fantastic back-country cuisine, learn about the fascinating culture. I want to stand, in no man’s land between two countries, atop the Victoria falls bridge and bungee jump. I want to be at the center court of Wimbledon and cheer for my favorite player, Sharapova, and Federer (if they are still playing). I want to bypass the crowds at the Eiffel Tower and dig into the history of the Ancient Rome. I want to imagine the Royal life on a castle tour from the Neuschwanstein Castle in Munich to Weikersdorf castle in Vienna. I wanna see New York City from above, get the panoramic view of some of the world’s most famous buildings from 70 stories up at the Top of the Rock observation deck, or go even higher to 86 stories at the Empire State Building.

The more I interact with those who don’t speak my language, whether that is my mother tongue or the language of my actions, the more I will get accustomed to it and less I fear to do so. My past experience of traveling has shown me how much every single person in this world has to offer every other person. Everyone has a story and a set of valuable skills. Listening to any person’s unique life path will undoubtedly add something to ours.

Anything worth doing is accompanied by pain, isn’t it? The things we want are always accompanied by either physical or emotional difficulties, and it is often that pain that makes the joy so joyous in the end. When I’m at the alleviation of 8846 m alternating between shivering and sweating, panting like the dog,  and more or less crawling up the trail, I’ll probably conjure the small amount of oxygen I have left in my lungs to shout how much I’m grateful to have this life. It’s easy for me to sit down here and talk about how much the pain will be worth it. But one thing’s for sure: even if I am miserable, even if I fail at accomplishing my goal, even if I am crawling across at a snail’s pace, I will keep going.



Rain’s symphony

I hear the sound of the drizzling rain, playing to the nature’s orchestra against my window pane. The splattering of rain droplets on the roof of my house creates its own rhythmic sound. The heavy downpour might have a chilling effect, but it has its charm: the roar of thunder and the flash of lightning, that shakes me into wakefulness.


I see the tiny droplets gushing down the windowpane, symbolizing the human hunger to succeed. I see many tiny droplets joining together, wishing in my heart  that this symphony would last forever. Step by step these drops grow bigger, these beats they create sync into my heart even deeper. The continuous gushing of water makes the streets look like the rivulets. And the city is magically converted  to Venice. Over the horizon, down the street I see a man, trying to plod his way. His clothes are tucked in and he holds his umbrella in one hand and his bag on the other. A sudden gush of wind tilts his umbrella and he gets drenched. I can see his pitiable face when a vehicle passes speedily by splashing muddy water on him.
The fluctuation of the rainfall brings wide range of emotions in people’s life.
The rain brings joy for those people who comfortably dwell in their cosy rooms and occasionally look out the window to catch a glimpse of nature: some unusual sights. The sudden blow of the wind and the patterns of the rain creates a symphony for them enabling them to feel poetic fervor in their hearts. The rain however bring tears too. Leaky roofs, rain-soaked floors and choked up drains fill the needy homeless into wide despair.


After a while the sun shines from its slumber, sprinkling its scorching heat, pervading the new and rejuvenated light. Away she goes, my moment of ecstasy, tears of emotion,the  time I got to witness the rains symphony.

My LIBRARY project

Reading has always been one of my favorite hobbies. And I discovered that burning desire to read in the later stages of my school life. Today I see my juniors at my school read and that gives me immense pleasure! They can read and analyze the story and the characters. I see them mimicking the characters of “The Wimpy Kid” and engaging themselves in intense discussions about “Captain Underpants” and “King Babbar.” My mission begins with supporting educational programs which give children and adults the tools to acquire knowledge through reading.
A constant supply of books and other materials is needed to ensure the interest in reading. It is impossible to promote reading and learning if books are not available in the first place. Therefore the idea of this project came to my mind to ensure that anyone who wants to read will have the tools to do so.
This is my first ever serendipity project: collecting books for a children’s library in a remote school of Solukhumbu( gateway to the MT.EVerest)   ” Shree Mahendra Jyoti High School “. When I was a student there 12 years back, the school was ramshackled along with its poor education. However,  the school now offers a very good English education but I still see the paucity of children’s library. The school is a second home to 450  students along with 22 teachers. The education system is only focused on academics. Students may be only marginally engaged or actively disliking writing assignments as defined in the classroom, but outside of school they may be writing hundreds of thousands of words and sharing with authentic audiences who propel them to improve. I remember that I did almost no reading for enjoyment when assigned reading deprived the joy of it.
The student can now have some material and opportunity for the pleasure of reading. They can have the world of their own- isolated from the stressful math calculations and intense science formulas. Some of these students who engage in domestic work can find time to read during their leisure time. And I’m sure they would love to spend their leisure time reading like you and I do. And what about the very obvious benefit of reading for pleasure: learning new words, reinforcement of grammatical structures and many more benefits that will rule their whole lives.
 I have managed to collect over 400 books and it has been a great accomplishment for me. All credits to my friends, relatives, and well-wishers who generously donated books for my project. Thank you, guys!

Hello world!

Hello There !!!! I’m Tsewang Nuru Sherpa, originally from Nepal. I’m a senior, studying environmental science with my major in Climate Change. My life so far has been an insane roller-coaster ride. Born in the lap of Himalayas, I grew up in the metropolitan Kathmandu. I’ve have had the opportunity to experience best of both village and city life. Although I do consider myself as a city boy, I’m still proud of my roots, my background, and my village instincts.

My life was like a cityscape, busy and vibrant. I was just another young soul eager to meet life’s challenges and enjoying my life without any worries. I proudly reached certain goals that defined the person I wanted to be. A self-motivated and hardworking student. But then I realized that there is another world awaiting me, another side of me that I have to explore. Another me that I have to give birth to.

I’m an ambitious globetrotter and have had the privilege of visiting handful no of countries. I strongly believe that our purpose behind our existence in this world is to contribute, share and sprinkle joy and happiness. Thus, i aspire to inspire! I enjoy playing tennis and swimming. My strong work ethic is what I’m really proud of. My hardworking nature really defines me and I owe my accomplishments to my work ethic. My leisure time is mostly accompanied by paintings. I love oil-painting especially being really bad at this. It gives me the motivation to learn more.

Let’s connect and share our ideas!
Happy blogging!